Oslo Fjordspa

Oslo fjord spa is part of the constellation developped by Greenboats Oslo. In Green Boats floating saunas, you get an urban, Nordic experience close to the popular Aker Brygge in central Oslo. From Tuesday to Sunday, various sauna experiences are offered, ranging from morning sauna and ice bathing in winter to drop-in sessions with salt scrubs, fresh fruit, relaxing music and Green Boats interpretation of the German "Aufguss" ritual - something for everyone.  

The saunas can also be rented for private sessions with friends, family or colleagues.  

It is not necessary to reserve a place in advance, and you can pay by credit card or Vipps. Bring your own swimwear and towel. The saunas have environmentally friendly, electric heating, changing rooms, lockable cabinets and an outdoor shower each.
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