Berlin Brandenbourg 2070

In 2019 The city of Berlin launched a competition aimed at creating an information bank and an exhibition to start debate about future develoment of the city. Our proposal was developed as a team with Skye Sturm and Chaira Tesarollo under the name of BCW Architects. 
To create our strategy palette we have zoomed out in the timeline and looked as much into the past at the foundational conditions of human development, as into the future towards the potential further pitfalls and
solutions we will be facing.

This condition is greatly based on co-ownership through collaboration and a shared microeconomy fueled by preservation of the commons(ecological resources). Helping each other and sharing a commonspace generates bonds in the most primitive and profound levels of consciousness.
Therefore, our proposal emphasizes the development of the city into the idea of the Urban Commons, anaccessible, open, democratic platform which provides all the resources necessary for people to craft the city
for themselves.

Our aim is to provide for and empower DIY culture and innovation, core traits that make Berlin a world capital of creativity and multiculturalism and should be further developed in the new century.

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